The importance of responding to a customer’s request in a prompt and professional manner.

Responding to a customer in a prompt and professional manner is very important for many reasons.

Companies rely on their customers to keep a business running smoothly and profitable. In order to keep customers satisfied, they expect their concerns to be handled professionally, effectively and swiftly. This is why it is very important to respond to customers request in a prompt and professional manner. If a customer feels disrespected or like their problem was not resolved effectively  then they may spread a bad word about your business or file complaint with other agencies. This leads to a bad reputation for the company.

When dealing with customers online or by phone, try asking yourself these questions?

  • When a customer calls and has a problem that requires a call back, how long does it take, on average, to call them back either with an answer or to let them know the problem is still being worked on?
  • If a customer leaves a message for an employee, what are the expectations in terms of how much time can elapse before calling him/her back?
  • What are the policies regarding responding to customers?
  • How much training have employees had with regard to responding to customers in terms of time management, prioritization of customer issues and dealing with difficult or angry customers?
  • How well do employees understand the company’s products/services, its policies and what the next level or step in problem resolution is?

If you can see thing calmly and from the customers point of view, you are much more likely to succeed in gaining good word of mouth, and a feel good factor for the customer also.